RF Lift

Also known as Radio Frequency Lift.

THE RF LIFT is an advanced radio frequency treatment giving both short and long term results.After the conductive gel has been applied the RF Machine delivers gradual and constant energy causing heat to build up where the fat layer and skin join together.

The ever increasing heatmodifies the bundles of collagen deep inside the skin,causing them to contract thereby stimulating new collagen over time.This results in lifted,tighter and firmer skin.

How many treatments are required?

After consultation a customized course of treatments will be recommended based on the condition of the skin.In our experience a course of 8 treatments or more is generally recommended.


The treatment shrinks, tightens the skin in addition it improves the muscle tone, “in short the skin looks plumped up and much younger”.

Price per treatment:

Face: £110

Face & Neck: £145

Weekly Treatment