PRX-T33 Biorevitalisation


The revolutionary new “Lunchtime Peel “ which takes years of you with no DOWNTIME.

The new breed of chemical peel has been formulated by combining the effects of H2O2 and a high concentration of TCA for an effective dermal stimulation. This infuses the skin, builds collagen and improves the skin tone as well as palpable firming of the skin.

This is a pain free process of 15 minutes with NO NEEDLES involved and is not photosensitive and can be done all year round.

Suitable for:

1.) Loss of firmness on skin on face

2.) Depressed scars

3.) Stretch marks

4.) skin ageing

5.) Loss of skin firmness of neck and décolleté.

6.) Hyper pigmentation

This process works by causing the top layer of the skin to shed ,triggering living cells below to multiply and move to the surface in turn increasing collagen and Hyaluronic production.This will leave the skin in the treated area feeling firmer looking, tighter, glowing in appearance and lifted. Basically this triggers a response that makes the skin behave like young skin.

So no downtime…you can have the treatment during lunch break and still go out for dinner with your friends at night.

This treatment is done weekly for a number of sessions, thus stimulating the formation of NEW COLLAGEN.


Package of 4 Treatments £495