Hifu Face and Neck Lift


Hifu (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) delivers heat through ultra sound to the dermis and to the deepest layer of the skin SMAS whilst bypassing the surface of the skin. Thus it stimulates the body’s own collagen production thereby almost achieving the results of a face-lift.

Areas covered:

1. Forehead,eye brows and around the side of eyes…Since this is the dermal area of the of the skin a hand piece of 1.5mm is used to provide the energy to the depth required and promotes the reduction of wrinkles.

2. The second head is 3.0mm and is used for the face and cheeks…this tightens the skin and reduces heavy set nasolabial lines.

3. The third head is 4.5mm which is used to transmit energy to the deepest layer of the skin SMAS. This is used for areas like jowl and neck. (NO MORE LOOSE OR SAGGING SKIN..NO DOUBLE CHIN ANY MORE!!!)

Summary: HIFU has a proven track record, it achieves instant results of 20 to 25% with optimal results in 2-3 months.

Only one Treatment required.

It is the most POWERFUL SKIN LIFTING, TIGHTENING non invasive FACE LIFT available.

It is excellent for lifting the face and tightening the neck…reducing fines on the forehead and eyes plus reducing nesolabial lines.

Treatment: ONE SESSION
Treatment Lasts: 2-3 years.
Price: £1200 upwards.