Eye Brow Microblading

Even though naturally perfect eye brows are far and few between, eye brow Microblading makes it possible to transform any brows into the closest thing to perfect ones.

There are 2 major differences that make Microblading more natural looking than permanent cosmetics are known for.

Firstly, the pigment used is iron oxide based which allows the colour to softly fade over time, unlike the ink used in permanent cosmetic tattoos.

Second, the pigment being implanted in the correct depth under the skin combined with iron oxide base gives these eye brows the appearance of natural looking eye brows.

Not only do Microblading results look amazing natural, they require no daily upkeep so kiss the daily eye brow routine good bye!

Semi-permanent eye brows typically last 3 years but a touch up is recommended after 12-18 months.

Price: £295
Price including Top-Up: £450