Dermal Fillers

Beneath the skin’s surface lower layer gradually loses tissue and volume causing it to sag down under gravity. This process can visibly change the profile and shape of the face, more so the cheeks and chin.

Fillers have the capacity to restore the deep volume loss in the cheeks, chin and other areas by delivering the same hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid but in a smooth, long lasting formulation that works more deeply.

Fillers effectively replenish lost volume to smooth lines and wrinkles, create FULLER LIPS and plump the skin of the décolletage.


1. Improve cheek volumes.

2. Improve down turned mouth corners.

3. Reduce lines around the mouth.

4. Enhance Lips and improve lip definition.

5. Improve Jowls.


Fuller Lips have long been considered one of the salient features of female beauty,As we grow older our lips often lose volume, resultantly our mouths become less defined and sometimes droop at the corners.

We use Fillers which use a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally found in your body. HA attracts water and the binds the water in your skin to provide gentle looking volume, making subtle alterations to the contours of your lips..which gives definition and making your lips appear smoother, softer and more luscious.


Dermal Fillers from £350

Lip Enhancement from £295