Who We Are

Welcome to EGHAM BEAUTY CLINIC, where we are home to a great range of beauty services and treatments. It is one of our strong points that we offer a great variety of Salon and Clinic services under one roof.

We start with basic salon services like waxing, threading, eye brow shaping, eyelash tint, Eye Lash Extensions and move on to anti ageing skincare with at least half a dozen specialised Facials & Microdermabrasion, Carboxy Therapy Facial.

Our list of Non Invasive Beauty Treatments starts with RF Lift for Face and Eyes and then there is the much talked HIFU Face and Neck Lift which lasts around 2 years. MICRONEEDLING with Dermapen, Mesotherapy, Non-Surgical Facelift.

For slimming we have HIFU Body Slimming and Tightening and CRYOLIPOLYSIS Fat freeze and Aqualyx Fat Dissolve Injections which provide spectacular results within weeks.

In our Clinical Services for Anti-Ageing we provide Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers and Prohfilo.

At EBC it is our endeavour to provide focused and undivided attention to each client, Our treatment time especially for specialised advanced treatments like HIFU etc are longer than generally given….The results are significantly better and last even longer.


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What Our Clients Say...

Finally got my lips done! Nervous at first - the beautician made me feel really at ease! Very professional and just in love with my results! I'm very particular and nervous about anything on my face, but I have to say, the beautician Sarosh is always honest and professional. Will definetly be back for my top up! Thank you!
Francesca Bosa
My favourite salon in London so far! I am very pleased with the results. Excellent service, very polite, friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend this salon.
Hawe Esen
Sarosh is very positive who I can trust completely. I have been a client / customer for a long time. Treatments from eyebrows to microdermabrasion. Always please with the results to keep aging at bay.
Bev Budd
Always very looked after here and an excellent job every time! They give great advice and care about your desired result! Don't know what I would do without them now!
Amy Lovell